WordPress Customizer | How can edit WordPress theme | part 1

By | December 12, 2020

WordPress Customizer: First, you should know what is WordPress? What is WordPress? WordPress is an online open source website theme customization tool that means you can customize a readymade theme. WordPress another name is a Content management system (CMS). We can create a website with this in a short time. No need learn the code to make a website.

What can you do with the WordPress – WordPress Customizer?

WordPress Customizer: WordPress is an excellent website making platform witch with you can make various websites. You can make with the CMS Blogging site, E-commerce site, business website, management site and more all in one.

Below I give some type of website which you can make with this CMS:

  1. E-commerce
  2. Photography
  3. Business
  4. News
  5. Blog
  6. Music
  7. Membership

Where you get the WordPress and how to make won pc localhost?

If you need it to download in your pc then go to the wordpress.org and there have the download link. And also directly install it in your online hosting server.  And if you have no online hosting server then you can create an offline server in your computer without the internet connection you can practice. Just download Xampp localhost and install it in your pc. After that install WordPress and then you can practice website theme making in your pc.

How to WordPress Customizer theme

First, you have to install a free theme. Where you get a free theme, very easily you can download a free theme from  wordpress.org. After setup WordPress platform then you get WordPress dashboard before customizing the theme you have to need to learn all WordPress about.



How to install a theme in your WordPress

First, open your WordPress dashboard ( note: internet connection)

  1. Then go to Appearance > Themes
  2. After that click Add New 
  3. There you get the more free theme first choose one theme and then Install one (note: if you have download theme in your pc or you copy one theme from another computer then Click Upload theme)
  4. Now complete done

How to create a category

  1. Click post 
  2. After that click Categories
  3. Type a name as a category where you see two textbox mane and slug the same name put two boxes after that click Add new category.
  4. Then you are done

Now how to create a post an article – Wordpress Customizer

  1. Now go to Post 
  2. And then click Add new fro upside
  3. Now type a title in 10 words to 12 words
  4. after that Type an article in the article box as a 300 words para.
  5. And every para give one heading from paragraph option (Note: there have h1 to h6 heading)
  6. You can add an image with add media option
  7. And also upside have more option you can edit as you wish.
  8. Now click a category from the right side click checkbox
  9. You can add some tag from the right sidebar
  10. After that click set featured image for a thumbnail you can add there 300*300 image size
  11. After complete article writing then you can click publish

How can create a page menu – Wordpress Customizer

  1. Click on pages
  2. Type a page name in title box such as About us
  3. Now write something about your website same as post article.
  4. After that publish the page
  5. Now you are done

How to create a menu

  1. first, Go to Appearance
  2. After that Click Menus
  3. Type name of menu example ” top menu “
  4. Now click Save Menu
  5. Now add some menu Click the left side page
  6. Click the page name checkbox and then click Add To Menu
  7. If you want to category name as menu the clicked category and then click the category checkbox and then click Add To Menu
  8. After that download side menu setting click checkbox primary menu
  9. Now Click Save menu

You can comment me you do not understand any option I will try my best to help the complete solution. part 2 I will discuss another option of WordPress.

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