what to use for oily skin | How to remove oily skin acne #And acne scars

By | September 1, 2021

what to use for oily skin: Oily skin is easily stuck in the dust and the excess so that your hair falls more and more.

This leads to an increase in acne due to bacterial infection. In some cases, acne can remove from your face but without skin cleaning. Oily skin acne is very difficult to heal.

I think, should know how to remove oily acne- Lemon is the best domestic ingredient in oily skin care, as well as citric acid present in lemon, with the oil-based oil control, to prevent skin bacteria prevent skin acne.


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what to use for oily skin

The sweet antibacterial material proves to be an ointment of acne on oily skin, keeping the skin moisturizer level and brightening the skin all time.

Now mix one tablespoon with fresh lime juice and mix it with a mixture of equal honey.

You will see that the two components will have a very strong liquid formation. Now put this liquid on your skin and then wait 15 minutes.

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Wash face with little hot water

After using this pack your acne will decrease from your skin, acne will begin to melt and your skin will shine. Use can use this pack twice a week to prevent oily skin acne.

It keeps the skin soft and flexible and absorbs excess skin of the skin and keeps the skin bright. The two components work together to remove oily skin acne from your skin.

Make a paste of a spoon with two tablespoons of mustard seeds and one tablespoon of curd in a bowl. Paste the mixture, then add two flour honey and one pinch of turmeric.

Then apply the pack on your face and neck properly and wait till dry. Therefore drying after 15 to 20 minutes, lighten the hot water wash your skin.

Then the pack will remove from your skin very easily. For this reason, the excessive oil of the skin will absorb by the dead skin cell coming out.

Finally, wash your face or skin with cold water and use this pack twice a week.

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How to remove acne scars another way

It is very difficult to remove acne scars than to remove acne. Acne can be removed with the help of natural ingredients and doctors. But the persistent strains of acne remain not wants to go.

Acne can be removed with the help of natural ingredients and doctors. But the persistent strains of acne remain, Neither wants to go.

It is prevention is better than remedy. So, please can’t put nails or pressure. Avoid touching the itch.

And if you use any medicine or something to remedy, it must be done gently.

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Acne scars Found in the sun’s light

Now try to keep yourself away from the sun’s exposure. Mix a little water with lemon juice and rub it in 3-4 minutes with a cotton ball and then wash after drying. Refrain from using lemon while having acne.

Wash the mouth before sleeping at night and apply honey. Rinse it all night and wash it in the morning and wash it and you can apply Aloe Vera gel twice a day and then after 20 minutes wash your face.

Not only remove acne will be brightness your face. Now take a piece of red tomato and some juice. Then mix it with sesame seeds and then apply this mixture to the face, after 10 minutes wash it, apply this pack 3 times a week.

Removed acne scars, as well as the blurred sunburn, and will increase the brightness of the skin. All of the above components are quite beneficial for skin scars.

Use the ingredients that are better in your skin type and take care of your skin, drink more water, stay healthy and beautiful. (what to use for oily skin)

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