How to hard reset Google Pixel 3a – Factory reset unlock mobile recovery mode

By | June 25, 2019

Why hard reset is a very important part of a mobile. There have many causes why we are using hard reset or factory reset our mobile. May any reason, If you see that Google Pixel 3a not working properly, then you can hard reset your mobile to fix the problem. In addition to this, If your Google Pixel 3a has locked but you forgot the lock then to unlock the mobile you have to hard reset.

Factory reset google pixle 3a hard reset

And also, If you’re looking at automatic coming messages or alerts on mobile display suddenly so then you have to do a hard reset of your Google pixel 3a to fix that. but some of the time it is not fixing by hard reset because automatic alert comes from system firmware so If after a hard reset you’re looking at the same problem then must you have to do a firmware to mobile. So, friends, I will try my best to give an article that how to firmware any mobile yourself in my next article

Google Pixel 3a 2019 specification:

  1. Pixel 3a network supported GSM/ HSPA/CDMA/ EVDO/LTE.
  2. The mobile OS version is 9.0 (pie)
  3. Pixel 3a Display is an OLED LED capacitive touchscreen 16M colors.
  4. Pixel 3a Internal memory 64 GB and 4GB RAM and no external memory card slot.
  5. Battery Non-removable Li-Po 3000 mAh.
  6. And The pixel 3a Color available in just black, Purple-ish, Clearly White

How to Root any mobile automatically or manually take some knowledge

Before hard reset – Factory reset Google Pixel 3a

Before hard reset Pixel 3a, you need to follow the under all step

  1. Need 80% mobile battery charge
  2. Backup all mobile data (note: because after hard reset you will lose all important from your mobile forever )
  3. To un-sync your mobile remove Gmail ID from your mobile
  4. Remove SIM card

How to hard reset Google pixel 3a

Before hard reset google Pixel 3a, Please Remove the SIM card from your mobile.

  1. First, Turn off Pxile 3a press the power button
  2. Now press Volume Down and Power buttons together.
  3. Release all button when sees google pixel recovery option on the display
  4. And then press the volume button to select Recovery mode.
  5. Now to confirm press the power button.
  6. After that, you will see No command with a logo
  7. Now press together the power button and  volume up button (Note: first press power button then after 1-second press with  volume up button )
  8. Then Select Wipe Data/ Factory reset to select use volume buttonreset sam
  9. After that to confirm that press the Power button.
  10. Select Yes by volume button and confirm that press power button
  11. And then select Reboot System Now and press the power button
  12. You are Done.

How to factory reset Google Pixel 3a

Before the factory resets remove SIM

  1. First, turn on your google pixel 3a
  2. And then go to Settings and then tap System
  3. Now tap on Advanced
  4. And then tap on Reset Options
  5. After that tap on Erase All Data (Factory Reset)
  6. And then Tap on Reset Phone
  7. then tap on Erase Everything
  8. Now you are Done

How to Soft Reset Pixel 3a

If mobile properly not working or totally hang not working touch or other option and you can not off the mobile press by the power button. Now how can easily turn off your mobile from this condition? To turn off pixel 3a mobile press together the power button and volume down button for a long time until the turn off the mobile. then you are Done

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