How to Factory Reset Nokia 2.3 | unlock mobile | Restore data

By | February 27, 2020

How to factory reset Nokia 2.3: Today I will show you how you can solve your mobile any type of software problem or lock problem. By a hard reset, you will be able to restore data. Without it, you can unlock your mobile if you have forgotten the mobile lock. And you can fix the mobile by making a factory reset if the mobile is very slow. You have to go to the mobile maker shop to fix the mobile simple problem. But you can fix the problem without a mobile maker. So many problems are solved by making a hard reset. I hope you can do it very easily jest see my all article first to last. So now we are going to my next step.How to Factory Reset Nokia 2.3 unlock mobile Restore data

Specification of Nokia 2.3

  1. The mobile launch in 2019, December
  2. OS: Android 9.0, planned upgrade to 10.0
  3. Nano Duals SIM supported
  4. Camera Front 13MP/ 2Mp
  5. Back Camera 5MP
  6. Memory external card microSDXC
  7. Memory internet 32GB
  8. RAM 2GB
  9. ISP LED capacitive touchscreen 16m color
  10. Battery no-removable Li-Po 4000 mAh

What are having in this article?

  • Hard reset Solution
  • Factory reset solution
  • And Soft Reset Solution
  • Reset with the code Solution
  • How to reset with miracle tools Solution
  • Recovery mode Solution
  • Boot mode Solution

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Before starting The factory reset or hard reset

  • Before starting the hard reset, turn off your mobile
  • Remove SIM card and SD memory card
  • Remove Gmail account or other could account if have
  • At list battery charge 80% needed
  • An original C type USB cable needed If you want to reset with a pc or laptop

How to hard reset mobile

Before starting the hard reset please follow our all condition that we have mentioned upside. Otherways might be lost firmware from your mobile. So let’s, start

  1. First, turn off the Nokia2.3 press by the power button
  2. Now Connect the C type Cable to nokia2.3 with a charger
  3. Now hold down the Volume Up button and power button wait few seconds
  4. When seeing recovery option on the display and then release all button
  5. Now select Wipe Data/Factory reset and press the power buttonreset sam
  6. Select Yes press power button
  7. Now select Reboot system now press the power button
  8. Now You’ve Done

How to factory reset mobile

The same condition will be applicable like a hard reset condition.

  • First, Turn on your Nokia 2.3
  • Go to settings option
  • Touch System
  • Now Touch Reset Option
  • Touch Erase All Data (Factory reset)
  • Now touch Reset Phone
  • Touch Erase Everything
  • Now you’ve Done

Recovery Mode

  1. First, turn off the Nokia2.3 press by the power button
  2. Now Connect the C type Cable Nokia2.3 to pc
  3. Now hold down the Volume Up button and power button wait few seconds
  4. then release all button, when seeing recovery mode on the display
  5. Now you’ve Done

Boot mode

  • First, turn off the power of the Nokia2.3
  • Now press volume down
  • After that connect C type USB cable Nokia2.3 to pc
  • If connected mobile to box tools as sone as the release button
  • Now you’ve Done

How to reset your mobile by code

  •  To IMEI Check *#06#
  •  Phone Information *#*#4636#*#*
  •   Calendar *#*#225#*#*
  •  Debug info for Google Play Service *#*#426#*#*

How to soft reset your Nokia 2.3

Why you have to soft reset your Nokia2.3? If your Nokia2.3 suddenly not working, I mean totally hang and you are trying to turn off your Nokia2.3. But you are unable to do anything then you have to soft reset your mobile. Now let’s see how to soft reset your Nokia2.3

  1. First, press the long time power button of your Nokia2.3
  2. If you see ok or yes touch it
  3. Now Nokia2.3 will be Turn off
  4. Press the power button again to turn on your Nokia2.3 (note: If you can not turn on or turn off your mobile may be other software problem )
  5. May you’ve done

How to reset your mobile with miracle tool

  • First, Download the Nokia driver and install it in your pc or laptop
  • Now turn off your Nokia2.3
  • After being turned off your Nokia2.3, Now connect C type USB cable your mobile to pc or laptop
  • Click MTK
  • Now select Nokia version from the drop-down icon
  • And Click the Start button from the miracle tool
  • After being reset the Nokia 2.3 after that unplug the USB cable
  • Now you’ve Done

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